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"Band Survival: Top Band" announced 2nd season 
29th-Feb-2012 12:16 pm

On 28th of February in Seoul café was hold a meeting of representatives of Seokyo Music Labels Association with KBS 2TV Band Survival (Top Band2) PD Kim Kwang Pil and the programme crew where they talked about new show.

Kim Kwang Pil stated: in first season we were choosing among 200 teams for the screening. In the second season 40 bands would be under the cull to leave only 15 teams, which will play on the large stage. We will create festive atmosphere with 3 days performances.

Top Band 2 will be focused mainly on the music part. Kim PD also stated “While watching SBS KPOP Star we can feel sincerity of each member and in Top Band also bands should try hard to show their own authenticity”.
Representative of Seokyo Music Labels said that the hardest thing for bands will be to show throw performance whose music is better.

Now audition for the Top Band 2 are in the middle cause despite firstly announced day of premier on 5th of May it was decided to show first round on 14th of April.

Sourse: news.nate

As for me I will try to watch it cause I missed first season. And what about you?
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