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news and more about Korean rock/indie/metal and other non-pop scene
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7th-Oct-2013 09:25 am - [sticky post] We are moving + contributors wanted
Dear followers!
For more than two years we’ve been sharing with you videos and news on Korean rock and indie scene. As the time passed we decided to create our own website and we are really proud to introduce to you Korean Rock Is Real - http://krockisreal.com/
The content of the site will be similar to what you were able to find here – latest live and music videos, releases and news.
We would like to thank all of you for your support and interest in Korean rock and indie scene that you showed through years together. So please visit us at our new home^^

We are really curious to hear all your comments about the content and layout and so on.
Also. If you would like to contribute – don’t hesitate to contact us – krockisreal@gmail.com
We are looking for people who would like to share their thoughts and to write about Korean musicians.

Have a good day!
Korean Rock Is Real team.
Two weeks since the beginning of the year and already many releases. What is worth mentioning? Metal apologists Cratia and Africa, acoustic version of Nine9's single 연인들, Nell with their Christmas song. Also there are several newcomers like Label and Minor Stuff, and long awaited release from SPthe#. And what is your choice?

Label (라벨)
잡초 [single]

Release date: 2013.01.03
Watch teaser for 잡초 video

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Here is list of releases of the previous week. My personal choice for this week is Sizose (or Archaeopteryx) with first full album Homo Sapiens and as a sudden one - band Magic Donkey (요술당나귀) with catchy song 나쁜사람. And if you want something easy to listen to - highly recommend Love X Stereo with soft women vocals and relaxing melody. And what is your pick of the week?

Coat (코트)
I Don't Know [single]

Release date: 2012.11.19
Listen to I don't know

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Two weeks ago, I had a revelation.

Despite not being in possession of a ticket, I decided to venture out to an outdoor concert being held on the outskirts of a small South Korean city that I’ll be calling “home” for the next three months. The draw of the concert? SNSD‘s TaeTiSeo, natch. ”Twinkle” has managed to climb to #16 on my Top 25 most played songs in just a few short weeks, and sitting outside in the dust for a few hours in hopes of somehow getting let into the concert to see mah homegurl and secret BFF Tiffany seemed a pretty decent way to spend my afternoon off.

Miracle of miracles, I wound up getting into the concert — and while TaeTiSeo was utterly fabulous, I walked away from the show in firm possession not only of a limited-edition “Twinkle” SNSD fan balloon, but also of a fresh appreciation for K-rock. The reason? Maya, who opened the concert with two mind-blowingly awesome numbers that made me wonder why I’d never heard of her before.

Maya debuted in 2003 with the album Born To Do It (Vol. 1), a thirteen-track rockfest that features the song that she is perhaps still best known for, “Azalea.”

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Sourse: seoulbeats.com
Today is release day for Maya's new single called 흔들려요

It consist of two tracks:

1 흔들려요
2 흔들려요 (inst)

and is OST for SBS weekend drama "My Love By My Side" (내사랑 내곁에) and is more ballad than here previous single "So sad, so hurt, I..."

ps. Wish there will be music video for this song..
Maya got a bit of attention from McRoth's Residence.

There's a short recommendation and MV to title track of her new EP.

This is the first time when I feel awkward with the translation of the name of the song.  One blogger names it "I am Hurt, I am Sad", another uses "Sick and sad, so I..."
That's why I prefer to use both english and korean version when speaking about something. Sooo hard to assimiliate languages((
On 24th of March (rock)pop-singer Maya release here mini-album.
But we can already take a look at music video for title track 아프다 슬프다

TheFredoommk shared several other tracks via Youtube.

Want to listen?

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