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7th-Oct-2013 09:25 am - [sticky post] We are moving + contributors wanted
Dear followers!
For more than two years we’ve been sharing with you videos and news on Korean rock and indie scene. As the time passed we decided to create our own website and we are really proud to introduce to you Korean Rock Is Real -
The content of the site will be similar to what you were able to find here – latest live and music videos, releases and news.
We would like to thank all of you for your support and interest in Korean rock and indie scene that you showed through years together. So please visit us at our new home^^

We are really curious to hear all your comments about the content and layout and so on.
Also. If you would like to contribute – don’t hesitate to contact us –
We are looking for people who would like to share their thoughts and to write about Korean musicians.

Have a good day!
Korean Rock Is Real team.
26th-Jul-2011 09:24 pm - LOTTE BANNER CONCERT
Remember this?

The videos were for the event "LOTTE Banner CONCERT", held on July 16. 
Sorry for not giving more information, but everything is in Korean.

Poster and videos...Collapse )
29th-Mar-2011 08:05 pm - New reviews of wakesidevison
As usual I totally appreciate this releases)) but don't have enought words to desribe albums like Chris.

Pony - Vol.1 Review

Park Joon Hyuk - Human Life Review
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