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7th-Oct-2013 09:25 am - [sticky post] We are moving + contributors wanted
Dear followers!
For more than two years we’ve been sharing with you videos and news on Korean rock and indie scene. As the time passed we decided to create our own website and we are really proud to introduce to you Korean Rock Is Real -
The content of the site will be similar to what you were able to find here – latest live and music videos, releases and news.
We would like to thank all of you for your support and interest in Korean rock and indie scene that you showed through years together. So please visit us at our new home^^

We are really curious to hear all your comments about the content and layout and so on.
Also. If you would like to contribute – don’t hesitate to contact us –
We are looking for people who would like to share their thoughts and to write about Korean musicians.

Have a good day!
Korean Rock Is Real team.
26th-Sep-2011 09:08 pm - Indi.Go.Chart 50 by

What we have for the period 26.08 - 10.09.2011
Seems to me, that Top Band has some influence on charts, cause this week we have new members of the chart - Poe and Broken Valentine.

First ten places:

1. Jaruim - 8집 陰謀論 (음모론)
2. The Black Skirts - Don't Worry Baby (I'm only swimming)
3. Jang Kiha and the Faces - 2집 장기하와 얼굴들
4. Verbal Jing - 4집 Go Easy (new)
5. Linus' Blanket - 1집 SHOW ME LOVE
6. Lucia with Epitone Project - 1집 자기만의 방 (new)
7. Yi Sung Yol - 3집 Why We Fail
8. Pia - 5집 Pentagram (new)
9. Goonamguayeoridingstella - 2집 우정모텔 (new)
10. The Moonshiners - 2집 푸른밤의 BEAT!

Other new adds to the chart:

12. Hawaii (하와이) - 티켓 두 장 주세요
28. Kayip - Theory of Everything
29. Broken Valentine - Calling You [EP]
34. Broken Valentine - Answer Me!! Is this what you need?
36. Poe - Burnout
48. Sweet Revenge - Rule Breaker
50. Concrete Band - 첫번째, '춤' [EP]

The rest of the chart you can see here and
6th-Sep-2011 01:18 pm - Nice Korean Girl gives us some POE

Another good blog)

I’ve been watching KBS’s Top Band, a reality competition show for bands. One band that caught my attention was Poe. It turns out they already have an EP and also appeared on EBS’s “Hello Rookie” series, so they are not quite as amateur as some of the other contestants – but hey, Broken Valentine is allowed to compete on the show. The Top Band appearance has given Poe wider exposure than their EBS or Pentaport Rock Festival appearances. There is continuing concern by the judges and coaches on the show about their “popular appeal,” but nobody denies their musical talent.

Personally I prefer the band’s look during their Hello Rookie appearance than the current one on Top Band. The band also appears more confident in their 2010 Hello Rookie performances than they have been on Top Band so far. I wonder if this is due to the change in drummers. Their Top Band coach kept critiquing their drummer in this week’s episode, although he was sympathetic about it.

Poe – “Paper cup” “Take It Easy”

Poe – “Take It Easy” + interview + “Catch the Dark”

Poe “Paper Cup” on Top Band

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