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7th-Oct-2013 09:25 am - We are moving + contributors wanted
Dear followers!
For more than two years we’ve been sharing with you videos and news on Korean rock and indie scene. As the time passed we decided to create our own website and we are really proud to introduce to you Korean Rock Is Real -
The content of the site will be similar to what you were able to find here – latest live and music videos, releases and news.
We would like to thank all of you for your support and interest in Korean rock and indie scene that you showed through years together. So please visit us at our new home^^

We are really curious to hear all your comments about the content and layout and so on.
Also. If you would like to contribute – don’t hesitate to contact us –
We are looking for people who would like to share their thoughts and to write about Korean musicians.

Have a good day!
Korean Rock Is Real team.
25th-Sep-2011 11:33 pm - Week releases (19.09 - 25.09)
As usual, simple list.
Everything is under the cut, but don't miss return of Vanilla Unity and some new names.

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The indie "Tribute90" series is still going strong as this week's release includes a cover by rock band Serengeti, taking on CLON's "쿵따리샤바라". DJ KOO, who made his comeback earlier this summer with "Come Back Remix", was previously a member of the group.

The album's info declares that five indie labels launched this project together with Daum Music. Their artists are set to make live studio recordings of old songs from the '90s. The first song to be covered was a song by S.E.S., "Just a Feeling". Previous releases include reworked songs by Super Kidd, Casker, The Koxx and Urban Zakapa.

Last week's video included Bye Bye Sea who took part in the recording by revealing their own version of Pipi Longstocking's "바보 버스".

28th-Aug-2011 10:33 am - New reviews

To have some good reeding on sunday, what is better?)

By wakesidevision:

Jang Kiha and the Faces - Self-Titled

By Init-Music:

YB - Why Be?

Serengeti – Oasis

ImpossibleBlackTulip has changed info after Anna from IRok pointed out some things, so please read updated:

Music I Like - The Black Skirts

We have new addiction to reviews.

And it is MountainMadman blog at wordpress where there are posts about life in SKorea and surprisingly I found this review:

Jaurim - Idol

Our 601 post!

Trio of session musicians wishes to leave band’s musical trace in people’s memory; eyes Europe

While idol-centered K-pop has been heavily covered by the media, the Korean indie scene has received relatively little attention. This is the fourth installment of a series of interviews shedding light on the scene. ― Ed.

Although trio indie band Serengeti is not a household name, each member’s versatility as a session musician has long been proven among professional musicians and industry officials.

Yu Jeong-gyun, vocalist, bassist and the band leader, has been playing the bass for Onnine Ibalgwan (Sister’s Barbershop) on their studio albums for the past eight years and currently is a bassist for J.K. Kim Dong-wook’s jazz band Zebra.

Jang Dong-jin, has been playing drums for Big Bang’s studio albums, and performed at the idol group member Taeyang’s solo concert in September last year.

Chung Soo-wan, guitarist, has been working with singer Lee So-ra for her annual concerts for the past four years and is now a session guitarist for MBC’s program “I Am a Singer.”

“Although I have been a session musician for a long time, I was thirsty to create my own music in 2003. At that time, those two guys were really known as masters in Hongdae scene so I approached them and suggested we form a band,” said Yu, 31, who writes most of Serengeti’s songs.

“Although the band was formed in 2003, we thought we needed a unique color. For four years, we agonized over what kind of music style we should pursue,” Yu said.

The difficult four years went by and they finally debuted in 2008 with first album, “Afro Afro.”

Indie band Serengeti members pose for a photograph before an interview in Seoul on Thursday: (From left) Yu Jeong-gyun on vocals and bass, Jang Dong-jin on drums and Chung Soo-wan on guitar. (Lee Sang-sub/The Korea Herald)

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Sourse: The Korea Herald
5th-Jun-2011 05:04 pm - Waiting for new releases)))
it's time to take a glimpse at upcoming tasty albums))

아키버드 (Aquibird)
2집 - 오소소


세렝게티 (Serengeti)
3집 - Colors Of Love

Date: 21/06/2011

시와무지개 (SiwaRainbow)
2집 - 우리 모두는 혼자

Date: 16/06/2011

텔레플라이 (Telefly)
Ultimate Psychedelic

Date: 15.06.2011

디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud)
3집 - Bright Lights


파티스트릿 (Party Street)
그대안에서 헤엄치다

Date: 14.06.2011
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