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7th-Oct-2013 09:25 am - We are moving + contributors wanted
Dear followers!
For more than two years we’ve been sharing with you videos and news on Korean rock and indie scene. As the time passed we decided to create our own website and we are really proud to introduce to you Korean Rock Is Real -
The content of the site will be similar to what you were able to find here – latest live and music videos, releases and news.
We would like to thank all of you for your support and interest in Korean rock and indie scene that you showed through years together. So please visit us at our new home^^

We are really curious to hear all your comments about the content and layout and so on.
Also. If you would like to contribute – don’t hesitate to contact us –
We are looking for people who would like to share their thoughts and to write about Korean musicians.

Have a good day!
Korean Rock Is Real team.

Trampauline is synth pop project of Cha Hyosun from Seoul, South Korea. Alongside the catchy name, it is the ethereal mix of twinkling synth and hushed vocal that capture your attention from the early notes and set her apart from any other musical acts in Korea. Definitely not a K-pop.

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Sourse: Mono No Aware

Photo courtesy of Vogue Korea

A beautiful union of acoustic soul and electronic curiosity, one-woman band Trampauline is the brainchild of singer and songwriter Hyosun Cha. A rarity in the Korean music scene, Cha’s music is completely original in composition and entirely innovative in sound. Her music can be defined as a delicate combination of the digital and analog worlds. We spoke with the young woman about her work and how it playfully blends electropop with her smooth-as-ice vocals, and learned about the personal stories embedded in her songs.

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Sourse: The Creators Project
An introduction to Korean Indie scene by MTV Korea/IGGY.

“Bbang” means bread in Korean, but it’s also the appropriately warm name for an indie band incubator that charades as a bar in Seoul’s hipster neighborhood Hongdae. A little dingy, decked out in the artist-owner’s DIY projects like the hanging lanterns made of empty Coke cans, the unassuming spot is where legions of wannabe musicians have come to make their start. One of those acts grew up into the internationally touring hit band Jang Ki-ha and the Faces. For musicians finding their voice, the place is a home away from home. “All of us are friends who perform there and every month the owner has these Bbang meetings where all the band members come and drink,” says electronic music artist Pika, who performs her one-woman show there every few months.

The Korean indie scene has always lived in the shadow of its glossy, behemoth relation but the recent chart appeal of scruffier acts like Jang Ki-ha and 10cm is making people wonder. Could this be a new era, where quirky kids with lots of personality challenge the domination of Korean idol entertainment?

With their off-kilter sonics and trenchant lyrics, a younger generation of Korean artists are being heard, without having to succumb to the corporate machine that cherry picks the next decade’s stars when they’re still in junior high. Instead, these bands are building themselves up from humble beginnings in dark basement clubs and tiny labels, with the help of on-the-ground blogs like and Weiv (while spreads the word in English).

These web-savvy, globalized Korean kids, responding to inspiration from one another and feeding on the foreign music now at their fingertips, are putting out freak folk, electro rock, experimental electronic, and punk. From grindcore band Bamseom Pirates, who pretend to be right-wing radicals whose lead singer performs in a helmet that says “F*ck Communists,” to, an artists collective who weave ambient pop symphonies when they’re not working as architects, the community is diverse and growing. These upstart, left-of-center acts promise to prove that as much as we love the symmetrical faces and house beats of Beast and 2NE1, they’re only one slice of the Korean musical pie.

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Sourse: MTV Iggy

Band posted yesterday at their blog that Naeun who had been supporting Hyosun (차효선) as guitar player during performances and 2nd album recording left the project.

Full text: "to let you know there’s a change in trampauline, Naeun, who had been a member of trampauline as a guitarist in 2nd album, has left trampauline.
trampauline will be with you as hyosun’s project, Naeun will go her way. stay with us with love n support

Hope that this will not have effect on the music since Trampauline always' been project of Hyosun.

Trampauline is Seoul based electronic act formed somewhere in 2000. Since than they participated in Save the Air: Green Concert compilation and released two albums, last one called "This is why we are falling for each other"

In case you are not acquainted to this band take a look at video for Anthropology from the last album:

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11th-Dec-2011 08:49 pm - Week releases (28.11 - 04.12)
Here I am with the releases of the week from 28.11 to 04.12.
Honestly I even can't choose the one favorite track from all those albums that are listed below.
But please, check Brick Slipper, Maroo, 4th Floor and Christmas present from No Brain and GoGo Star.
Tried to put here all the examples and MVs. Enjoy.

End of Horizon [single]

Date: 2011.11.28

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24th-Sep-2011 10:45 am - [Live] 트램폴린 (Trampauline)
Little Animal


Sourse: pastelmusic
11th-Sep-2011 09:45 pm - Indi.Go.Chart 50 by

We have another issue of Indi Chart. So let's see, what's new.

First ten places in albums:

1. Jaurim (자우림) - 8집 陰謀論 (음모론) (new to the chart and the first place!)
2. Yi Sung Yol - Why we fail
3. The Black Skirts - Don't Worry Baby (I'm only swimming)
4. Jang Kiha and the Faces (장기하와 얼굴들) - 2집 장기하와 얼굴들
5. Linus' Blanket (라이너스의 담요) - 1집 SHOW ME LOVE (new, starting from the 5th place)
6. 10cm - 1.0
7. Jang Kiha and the Faces (장기하와 얼굴들) - 1집 별일 없이 산다
8. The Black Skirts - 201 (Special Edition)
9. Gate Flowers - EP Gate Flowers
10. Urban Zakapa - 01

Other new adds to the chart:

22. Theatre8 - 1집 나는 앵무새 파리넬리다!
25. Trampauline - This is Why We are Falling for Each Other
28. 구남과여라이딩스텔라 (Goonamguayeoridingstella) - 2집 우정모텔
36. Eastern Side Kick - Second EP Album
41. 하찌와애리 (Hachi & Eri) - 1집 꽃들이 피웠네
46. Romantic Punch - It's Yummy
48. GoGo Star - Black Comedy

Full list you can see under the cut.

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