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Seo Taiji reveals "Moai" movie trailer

It was revealed at the end of July that rock star Seo Taiji would be using previously unreleased scenes from his "Moai" music video for a new project. Earlier this week, the artist revealed the trailer for this new video project through his official Youtube account.

"Moai" was a song from Seo Taiji's 8th full album "Atomos" which dates back to 2008. This year, after 3 years of musical silence, Seo Taiji will be revealing "Seo Taiji Moai: The Film" to his fans. Though the title holds the word "film", it's not a full feature film like you'd normally see in cinemas. His company stated that it's just a video with footage that was edited out of the music video.

The film will be shown at the Megabox Dongdaemoon’s M theatre.

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