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Interview :- E9 (Edward Nine)

First give us an introduction.

We are Alternative/Punk/Electronic/Rock Band E9
Our another full name is Edward Nine. That means Edward Scissorhands(movie) + Nine Inch Nails(musician/artist).
I thought pureness of "Edward Scissorhands" & rampancy of "Nine Inch Nails"
Band E9 was influenced Grunge , Punk , Britpop, Electronic Sound. and We are pursuing unique melody , fairy-tale lyrics and strait & fickle Sound.
band E9 is well-matched with rock/music/sound Festival. In the future, a more hopeful band E9. Thank You.

How did you start the band,give us a brief history?

I experienced some bands. And I had 30~40 over my own songs. So I thought new band "E9". (Guitar/Vocal E.9 is me)
I met Yun-Jae Lee (Bassist) on internet Advertising. and next week, we met Yoon-Woo Chang(Drummer) ,a friend of Bassist.
And a few weeks later, we met Seung-Yeon Jung (Session Guitarist) , a friend of Drummer. so we organized a band E9.
We wish to do concert in many foreign county, as soon as possible.. Club concerts, events, Ep recording, Festival etc.. We started.

How would you describe your genre ?

We are Alternative/Punk/Electronic/Rock Band E9
but we can play Acoustic sound, too. We'll show that soon.

What are your influences?

Brian Molko(Guitar&Vocal) of Placebo ,Kurt Cobain(Guitar&Vocal) of Nirvana,
Hosomi Takeshi(Guitar&Vocal) of Ellegarden & The Hiatus, and band Weezer, Muse, Mew, etc..

Are you related to any Record label?

Basically, we do everything on our own. For example, Ep,Album recording, scheduling concert, advertising, etc.
I think that it can make us more powerful. But we will get some help from the lable , soon.

Have you guys started working on a new album?

We started recording & arranging many songs already,a few month ago.
Finally, We will start recording our songs at recording studio, in September.

Where can we find your music?

What are your plans for touring in the future?

We planned to do concert in foreign country. But detail plan is not planned yet.
We wish to do concert in many foreign county, as soon as possible.

Anything else you'd like to add for your fans?
We are alternative rock band E9 from Korea(Republic of). Remember it.We will show unique E9 sound and more good music and more good concerts, steadily.Please love Band E9. Thank you.

Sourse: thesoundbook
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