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Billboard decided to create k-pop chart

Recently 10cm published on their facebook page info about billboard’s new chart.

Suprisingly they took 6’th place in this chart with song Hold Me)

Anyway, this chart is based on digital sales and downloads, that’s why can’t rely on it for sure, but it is a great thing, that korean pop (and apparently some indie artists) seems to be famous outside skorea. You can read article at billboard concerning this launch of new chart.

I decided to take a look at this chart searching for another indie artists and found smth interesting.

Jaurim with Idol took 25th place.

10cm & HaHa with song Chap Ssal Dduk took 31 place

(gosh, I hate romanization of korean letters)

Leessang Feat. Jungin, MC Nalyou took 34 place with song Grand Final

and finally 42 - Urban Zakapa with Just a feeling.

It is interesting what we will find in chart for next week)

Tags: !chart, 10cm, jaurim, urban zakapa
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