December 22nd, 2010


Interview with Yellow Monster's Jae Hyuck Choi

Thanks god! Somebody noticed Yellow Monsters!!!!!!

Back in July I was searching through the internet, like I usually do for Korean rock and stumbled upon the album Yellow Monsters by The Yellow Monsters. I took one listen to it, and fell in love.
That seems to be the general consensus when most people listen to the album, actually. They had me at Destruction, the album’s first song. It’s a hard rock song, with punk undertones, that hooks you into the album with their hard-hitting sounds and vocal harmonies.

The first single off of the album, to which there is a video is titled Late and has a great up-beat punk feel to it, along with great vocals. The three members of the band have extensive experience in the music scene, each is actually currently part of two or more bands. I think their previous experiences contributed greatly to their success, and strength on Yellow Monsters, not to mention how fast they were able to put it together. 

This type of rock is one of my favorites, it’s got a great beat, good flow and they don’t scream through the entire album like some of the harder rock bands. The Yellow Monsters is comprised of  Yong-Won Lee on vocals and guitar, Jin-Young Han on bass and vocals as well, and Jae-Hyuck Choi rounding things out on drums and vocals.
Now, for a few words with the drummer; Jae-Hyuck Choi:


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Three Experimental Musicians from Korea.

Collaboration between STEIM, LIG Arts Foundation & OT301

Ryu Hankil - typewriter, motors, drums
Choi Joonyong - harddrives
Hong Chulki - acoustic turntables

 Although mainstream entertainment has become one of Korea's largest exports, it's underground music scene keeps a low profile to the western world. However, a handful of dedicated artists have developed a highly personal instrumental practice that is utterly unique in the global landscape of experimental sound. Three musicians central to this scene will be in residence at STEIM to record and will perform a concert at OT301 as part of their extensive European tour supported by the LIG Arts Foundation in Korea.

Wednesday, Jan 19 2011
Venue: OT301
Location: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Time: 21:30 (door open 21:00)
Entrance: € 6

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