December 25th, 2010


No Min Woo performs in concert with Boohwal


Having just played a rock star in the KBS Drama Special mini-drama Rock Rock Rock, actor (and former member of pop band TRAX) Noh Min-woo will be a special guest at the 2010 Boohwal Christmas Concert. He’ll perform alongside Kim Tae-won, the famous rocker guitarist of Boohwal whom Noh portrayed in the drama.

Apparently Noh Min-woo first met Kim Tae-won at an Lee Seung-gi concert (aw, Gumiho support), and they now enjoy a friendly, brotherly relationship. Kim said of Noh’s portrayal of him, “When I heard from Noh Min-woo that he’d be playing me in the drama, I shared stories with him about my life. Through that process we became closer, and that’s how I ended up inviting him to this concert.”

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