January 24th, 2011


26 Hongdae Clubs Unite to Remember Lee Jinwon

This Thursday, Hongdae is uniting like I have never seen before, to remember the singer Lee Jinwon. Lee was a retired baseball player who formed the band Moonlight Nymph (known in Korean as 달빛요정역전만루홈런, or “Dalbityojeongyeokjeonmanruhomreon”). He passed away in November after suffering a heart attack. I never met the man, so I cannot claim any special connection to him, but I am nevertheless impressed to see such a show of support from so many people. People who knew him tell me he was a joyful guy and was much loved.

Twenty-six clubs are participating, along with more than 100 indie acts, beginning at 7pm. 10,000 won gets you entry into all the venues and a CD of Lee’s music. There are way too many shows going on to describe them all (you can see them listed on the calendar, of course), but a few highlights:
- Chang Kiha and Faces at V-Hall
- Jambinai and Apollo 18 at Spot
- Hwang Boryung and Bamseom Pirates at Ssamzie
- Lee’s old band, Moonlight Nymph, playing at Bbang

As you may recall, the Hankyoreh used the tragedy of Lee’s passing to address the issue of indie music and copyrights in Korea in a very interesting article. However, the article never address Lee Jinwon the man, and how much he was loved by so many people. If I can find something good, I will try to link to it, or maybe translate a bit.

Sourse: koreagigguide.com