January 30th, 2011


[110127] Dear Cloud @ Club Bbang

Dear Cloud was at Club Bbang on January 27th. They performed two of their earlier songs “Lies” and “안녕, 보물들” as well as some of their newer tracks from their Take The Air EP. They also did a cover of “요정은 간다”, a tribute to the original artist 달빛요정역전만루홈런 (Lee Jin Won), who passed away in November. May he rest in peace. To watch full video please go to luminosity's site

Indie duo ‘10cm’ reveals tracklist + album jacket picture for first official album!


Last year, we introduced the charming indie acoustic duo ‘10cm‘ through our first “Unhyped Talent” editorial. The duo will finally release their first ever official album, and they’ve just unveiled the tracklist and album cover!

10cm’s been on a streak of success ever since they won the ‘2010 Discovery Award’ at the “2010 MAMA,” and they’ve sold out every single seat for their first album launch concert in just under 10 minutes.

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Rock band Napoleon Dynamite to return with new single


Rock band Napoleon Dynamite is returning with a fresh start as two members. The band formed in 2007 and debuted in 2008 as a mixed band (four males and one female) but returned with “Summer Night” in 2009 without the female guitarist. However, they did replace her with a new guitarist (Yoon Soo Min), who is one of the two remaining band members. The other member remaning is vocalist Napoleon (real name Seo Kang Yoon).
The single is titled “Mr. Alzheimer” in which it is also the title track. The other two tracks are My Mistake and 멀어져가네 (Walking Away). It is set to release on February 1st.

If you want to learn more about them and listen to some tracks, please visit Luminosity

No. 1 Korean Album Release Concert

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Whew, it’s a big week for music lovers, with so many Korean musicians uniting for the Lee Jinwon tribute Thursday, and the last Club Day today. But there are also a host of other gigs going on this weekend, including an album release party on Saturday for the popular ska band No. 1 Korean.

The band wrote and recorded this album in late 2010, a year in which they also graced such stages as the Pentaport Rock Festival, Time to Rock Festival, and Green Plugged. Indeed, in 2010 No. 1 Korean showed that they could convert their energy and charisma onto some of Korea’s larger stages, and managed to win over many new fans in the process.

The No. 1 Korean team wrote the songs for their new third album, 외롭지 말아요 (“Oerobji Malayo,” or “Don’t Be Lonely”), over the last two years, shooting for a general concept of “what things can we get from a natural life”. They recorded it at Studio 801 from October to December. For the first time they recorded the songs altogether in one room, trying to capture their live energy in the studio.

To help launch the new album, they have even made a new music video for their song “Korean Alphabet”, featuring Lee Seok-yul from Kingston Rudieska and rapper Koonta. The video was shot around Seoul with the help of friends and new production company Dada Productions. Having previously worked on a video for the solo album by the lead singer of Kwon Milk, the team put together a video that captures the charm and enthusiasm that this six-piece band possesses.

For their new album showcase, they will be joined by several special guests, including No Brain, Sugar Donut, Koonta, Lee Seuk-yul (from Kingston Rudieska), and Poppin Han Jun.