March 7th, 2011


YB news

YB were on Sunday, March 6th's episode of Survival! I Am a Singer. A new variety/reality tv show on MBC that pits 7 well established singers against one another, being judged by real, ordinary people. It stars Yoon Do-Hyun, Baek Ji-Young, Kim Bum-Soo, Jung Yeop, Kim Gun-Mo, Park Jung-Hyun, and Lee So-Ra
You can check it out here on DramaAir - hurry before it disappears! :)

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Line-up for GreenPlugged Festival

Green Plugged is a festival, which is set to be hold in May, in Seoul.
There's gonna be a bunch of korean indie bands and there's already first line-up.
If you are interested,  
project obangsaek made a Youtube compilation of line-up bands, which has some amazing recent videos.
For example by
Huckleberry Finn in December

So, watch and enjoy the
playlist of kindie

And here is GreenPlugged feature:

If there's a problem with understanding Korean, first list of groups:

Collapse )

Sourse:; project obangsaek's youtube channel