April 25th, 2011


Delispice will resume activities with a new company after three years

One of Korea’s first-generation modern rock bands, Delispice, will be resuming activities after signing a contract with fellow rock band Vodka Rain’s company, Musicabal.

On April 24th, Musicabal spoke through Star News and revealed, “On the 18th, Delispice signed an exclusive contract entrusting their future to Musicabal.

Delispice, originally originating from the clubs of Hongdae, debuted back in 1997 and is considered Korea’s representative modern rock band.   Some of their noted hits over the expanse of the last 15 years include ‘Chow Chow’, ‘Confession’, and ‘I’ll Always Keep The Engine Turned On’.

After announcing their 5th album in 2003, they pursued solo activities with member Kim Min Gyu’s ‘Sweet Pea’ project, as well as Choi Jae Hyuk and Yoon Jun Ho taking part in project group ‘Omega 3’, before finally reuniting in 2006 for their 6th album comeback.

The band is officially set to resume activities with the Jisan Valley Rock Festival as their comeback stage.  Drummer Choi Jae Hyuk will be joining project band Yellow Monsters this year, so the band will also be joined by a new drummer to take his place during their concerts and performances.

Sourse: allkpop.com

Second lineup of Rainbow festival announced

Recently Asiae paid attention to Rainbow festival which should take place in Korea somewhere on Nami Island.

You can read the article
here where you can find out that not only Koreans will participate in this gig. Who else? Just follow the link)
p.s. don't forget to find out how Idiotape is written there))

To read a little about bands and find out more info about ticket, how to get there and other staff, please visit
interpark.com. There's info on good and readable English.

And of course official site of Rainbow Festival -