April 28th, 2011


Another article about the RockTigers going overseas

Popular rockabilly band the Rocktigers are set for an extremely busy year, in Korea, Japan, and further abroad. They are releasing a new album — an English-language version of last year’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll License” — and then going on a major tour across much of the world.

The fun begins this Saturday, April 30, at 7pm at Hongdae’s V-Hall (Mark: sadly, one of the worst websites in Hongdae, but there is a map on the Rocktiger’s website). Presales are 20,000 won, or 25,000 won at the door (English ticketing here). Along with the Rocktigers, there will be Japan’s Conny, Kingston Rudieska, and B.J. Yoon’s Low Down 30.
The next night, they are off to Busan for a show at Vinyl Underground, again with Conny and this time with Sunday Losers.

Following the domestic launch, their next destination will be Japan for six shows in six nights, hitting Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Kochi, Okayama, Kitakyushu, and Fukuoka from May 3 to 6.
Following Japan (and a couple of shows in Korea in May), they will head over to the USA for shows in San Francisco (May 28), Los Angeles (May 29), Las Vegas (May 31), and more. The US trip came about when they were in Japan last year during the Rockabilly Coaster Tour 2010. Iconic Japanese garage actGuitar Wolf came to see their show, were duly impressed and suggested a joint US tour. How does one say no to that?
Rocktigers are also looking to perform a few shows in Shanghai in September, and perhaps some more shows in Japan and Hong Kong later in the year.

In the off chance you are not too familiar with the Rocktigers, here is the article from the LA Times that was part of the catalyst for their overseas expansion. Heck, even CNN likes them.

Sourse: koreagigguide.com

Kim C : Korean Indie Band Hot Potato

Found this lovely feelings about Kim C (Hot Potato) and wanna share)
First - cause I like Hot Potato and second - where else you can find that he is friend of Yoon Do Hyun and he was starring 1Night2Days? (omo, didn't know about this and i need to look through shows from the 2007))))

Take a look

and then please visit rataning.wordpress.com for more information about him and his band Hot Potato.

Apollo 18 updates)

Via official Facebook page you can find many interesting things about band. So, please, join.

For those, who won't there's smth new.
1) The very cool Smashing Mag, one of Japan's top music websites, has live photos from Apollo 18's official SXSW showcase at Headhunters in Austin, Texas. That was such an awesome night for us!

2) Interview with Apollo 18 by



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