June 14th, 2011


Crying Nut Gone Nuts for MUSIC MATTERS

The South Korean smashing-hit indie rock alternative band Crying Nut surely shows power and ultimate passion when they rocked Seven 1 Inch, Clark Quay on May 27, 2011 at Music Matters Festival 2011, Singapore! The Music Matters Festival 2011 was a free, live international music festival, which brings together a dynamic line-up of international and Singaporean bands playing over three nights of live performances. Everyone was invited to come and enjoy fresh new music that has never stepped on your iTunes list!


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Sourse: korea.com

June festivals rooted in restoring musicians’ rights

Musicians have continued to struggle with low to no compensation for their work

A string of festivals organized by and containing the will of musicians themselves is taking place. ‘U-Day Festival,’ the aim of which is to discover the rights of musicians, will take place from 6 p.m. on June 18, simultaneously at 13 live clubs in the Hongdae area. 110 groups will take part voluntarily, including Galaxy Express, Black Syndrome, Seoul Electric Band, Jang Jae-in, Chung Won Young Band, Ninano Nanda and Gajame Boyscout.


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Standing Egg releases new MV for “Farewell For You, Not Yet For Me”

On June 14th, Standing Egg released a new music video for “Farewell For You, Not Yet For Me“, a track from their first album released back in 2010.

The video features guest vocalist Han So Hyun from 3rd Coast, and contains footage from their first solo concert at the Welcomm Theater. Although the song itself is an old release, putting faces to the music definitely brings a new level of understanding to the track. The group brings their characteristic serene feel to this music video, which serves as a nice treat for those who missed the concert.

Having released a string of digital singles all year long, Standing Egg will also be making their comeback with a full mini-album on July 7th.

Check it out below!