July 8th, 2011


Superkidd and the Brave Girls to cameo in ‘Protect the Boss'

Superkidd and the Brave Girls will be making cameo appearances in SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Protect the Boss’!

The two groups will be joining the first episode in a scene with a CF photoshoot. To make it look like the real deal, the drama spent thousands on creating the set. PD Park Sun Ho will be explaining the CF’s concept to the groups before they break into a parody of Cha Du Ri’s hit CF song, “Because of the Liver“. The lyrics have been changed to “Because of Money”.

Directors said, “We’re hoping to catch attention not only with our lead roles, but with fun little scenes like this as well. We’re sure that the two groups’ CF song, ‘Because of Money’, will earn great popularity.”

The drama begins airing on August 3rd!

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Introducing the Koxx (by Lonely Traveler)

Unless we're talking about the big K-Pop idol stars, it can be incredibly difficult to access--let alone really get into--the local Korean music scene. Band websites hosted by Cyworld or Daum Cafe are protected by the sites' strict user policies, which definitely don't make for easy browsing. SSAM is a music site where users can browse artist profiles and message boards, but is entirely in Korean, thereby completely unhelpful to any foreigners interested in seeing what Korean indie has to offer. There are a few record labels I've found that (while considerably smaller than the corporate giants) are big enough to have a buoyant following and showcase fairly well-known musicians: Locksmith Music, Pastel Music, HappyRobot Records. I don't doubt there are many more, but like I've said, it's been pretty difficult navigating the Korean music scene online.
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Schizo (스키조) new album teaser!

Thanks to Indieful Rok I found out that Schizo gonna release new album!

You know for me it is like a gift from the man in the sky)) This band was the first example of korean rock, which led me to this state of mind and heart. I mean in love with Korean rock. I wish I could come to Korea and visit their concert someday...

Sorry for so many words, I feel myself very pathetic now))