July 11th, 2011


Royal Pirates officially announce their Korean label

A few months ago we released the news that America based rock group Royal Pirates would be debuting in Korea somewhere in the future. While the boys are currently having some live performances in America as 'training' for their Korean debut, they revealed the Korean label they signed with.

While many people were expecting, or at least hoping, it to be FnC Music (CNBLue & FT Island) the group instead signed to "Apple of the Eye". The label mostly houses actors and actresses such as Daniel Henney, Jung Ryewon (My Name is Kim Sam Soon) and Claudia Soohyun Kim/Yoo Ri El (Fugitive: Plan B), and now Royal Pirates.

More about their debut hasn't been revealed yet, though the group is asking fans not to upload any fancams of them on the Internet, not even those of their earlier songs.

Official Facebook

Sourse: koreaboo.com

Introducing the band: Loveholic

Glad to see more blogs with k-indie posts))


“Loveholic is a South Korean alternative pop/rock band. Initially comprising three members, (Jisun, Hyunmin & Jaehak), they entered the music scene in 2002 with their first album, Florist. Unfortunately, in 2007, Jisun left the group citing personal differences. “
Ah, Loveholic. One of the earliest Asian indie bands that I stumbled across way back in 2007. Upon hearing their titular song, I immediately fell in love with Jisun’s sweet, breathy vocals. Although I’ve heard songs from about three or four of their albums, in my opinion, their first album, Florist, is easily their strongest. This is why most of the songs I’m picking will be from the aforementioned album.
Trivia: The song Shinkiru was used as the ED for the anime, Black Blood Brothers in 2006.

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