July 25th, 2011


Korean Hongdae rock scene coming back full force

Here is short list and review of popular underground bands.
Please, mention, that Takapi (in koreaboo's edition) is T.A Copy)))

While Korea is most known for its Kpop scene, it also has a big underground scene. From soft rock to punk and music influenced by Japanese Visual Kei and metal, it's all there. There just aren't many people who know about it. Now several of those popular underground rock bands are making their return with new music, whether it be singles or albums.

Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think!

This long running group revealed their newest music video and single a few weeks back. While its music video featured popular actress Kim Okbin, the song itself had traces from F(x)'s "NU ABO". The group is celebrating their 10th anniversary with the release of this newest single "Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!".

Schizo released their debut album in 2003, "Dumbo Shit" and the follow up "Fight Against The World" three years later. They've also appeared on multiple compilations and have released various singles throughout the years.

Yellow Monsters
Rookie rock band Yellow Monsters will be releasing a new album later one. Even though the band just started out last year, they're already back with another full length album "Riot".

Deli Spice's drummer Cho Jaehyuk, My Aunt Mary's bassist Han Jinyoung and GumX make up the line-up of this new group.

Copy Machine
Ska Punk group Copy Machine will be releasing their first album in 4 years, "Merry Go Round". The group took the time to go to the army during their silence, and are now back again and geared up for a new release.

"Neo Punk" rock group Takapi will also be releasing their newest album "The Restoration". The new album will hold the concept of a man "star" who wanders through the process of growth and his inner emotional state.

Takapi started out together with punk band Brain as the first generation of punk groups among Korea.
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