July 31st, 2011


Arirang Radio Project: Musician Search #19: Mudskipper

"They are a Jazz Rock Fusion Band here in Korea led by two bass guitar players although we only had one bass player in our studio of the day they were our guest.

Their debut album is called Mudskipper in Korea Part 1 which is an all instrumental album. Mudskipper in Korea Part 2 is going to be there second album released soon sometime in August 2011, and then shortly after they are going to release their third album title Mudskipper in Thailand Part 1 which is going to be pretty much the same format as the first two.

We got a sneak peak at their second and third album on our show and the last song in the video is a still untitled song that will be on their third album, but you get to hear it first here on our video."



Korean, British rockers thrill crowds at Jisan

Saturday brings indie favorites and much-needed sunshine to the 3-day music event

ICHEON, Gyeonggi Province ― After an overnight downpour, music fans left their flooded tents to enjoy a reprieve from the rain at Jisan Valley Rock Festival on Saturday.

The solid stream of Korean acts was complemented by a very British international presence on the main stage throughout the three-day event, including Saturday’s headliners The Arctic Monkeys.

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Sourse: Korea Herald