August 5th, 2011




L to R: DJ Zeze, DJ Dguru, DR - Photo Credit: Idiotape

After blowing a couple fuses at SXSW, rocktronica trio Idiotape stopped by The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for an electrifying show alongside fellow Korean acts, Galaxy Express and Vidulgi Ooyoo.

Idiotape, a project group formed by DJ Dguru, with DJ Zeze on synth and DR on drums, is innovation at its best — a rock band pointed directly at electronic music that uses old-school sounds and melodies and caters to clubgoers.

With their heads bobbing and fingers flying, the trio has earned a reputation for sick live performances that gives even the most exhausted of crowds a well-deserved dose of shoegaze and electronic-fused relief.

Check out MTV K’s coverage of their NYC show, part of the 2011 Seoulsonic Tour:

Meet Seoul’s Idiotape (Interview)

MTV K On Location: Idiotape — “Idio_T” (Live)

MTV K On Location: Idiotape — “0805″ (Live)


Stepping Stone Bringing A Whole Lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll To Jeju

As Mark mentioned a few days back, this weekend the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, Naksan Beach Summer Party, and the Busan International Rock Festival are all happening.

As if things weren’t busy enough, there’s one more outing to add to the list! On Saturday evening on Jeju Island’s Hamdeok Beach the 8th annual Stepping Stone festival will take place.

Founded in 2004 by Kim Myung-su the event featured only Jeju acts until 2007. From 2008, Kim branched out and began inviting Seoul bands to Stepping Stone as well.

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Indi.Go.Chart 50 by

So, here is new chart. And first ten places in album nomination go to:

1. The Black Skirts - Vol.2 "Don't Worry Baby (I'm only swimming)
2. Jang Kiha and the Faces - Vol.2
3. 10cm - 1.0
4. No Reply - Comma [EP]
5. Jang Kiha and the Faces - Vol.1 별일 없이 산다
6. The Black Skirts - Vol.1 201 (special edition)
7. W&Whale - Cirkussss
8. Thomas Cook - Vol.2 Journey
9. Yellow Monsters - Vol.2 Riot!
10. Dalmoon - Vol.1 28

In song nomination first ten places go to:

1. The Black Skirts - Love shine
2. Jang Kiha and the Faces - 그렇고 그런 사이
3. No Reply - Comma
4. The Black Skirts - International Love Song
5. The Black Skirts - 무임승차
6. 좋아서 하는 밴드 (Joa Band) - 인생은 알 수가 없어
7. The Black Skirts - 젊은 우리 사랑
8. The Black Skirts - 이별노래
9. The Black Skirts - 아침식사
10. The Black Skirts - 날씨

Full list you can find here