August 22nd, 2011


Royal Pirates to perform at The Viper Room in California on August 27th

A few months ago it was revealed that the band, Royal Pirates, had signed with a Korean label and were training for their upcoming debut. Multiple gigs at venues in the U.S. are a part of this training and as a last date added to the list, the band will be performing in The Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard on August 27th.

The event is open to fans 21 years and older. Despite the efforts of fans contacting the venue regarding the age restriction, the venue has stood strong on their stance that it would only be for those above 21 years old since the venue is actually a club.

Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Because the group is currently in training, they have asked fans not to record any fancams or publish them online.

Other artists performing that night include Stretford End, Delta Rose and VJ Jamie Scrap.


"Americano" By 10CM "Harmful For Youth"

The song "Americano" by indie band 10cm has been banned for being harmful for youth.

According to 10cm reps on August 22nd, the song that had become so recognized due to it being used in a coffee commercial, was officially banned on the 16th.

According to the organization in charge of such decisions, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said, "The song 'American' has a verse that says 'when I smoke a cigarette and drink some tea with a pretty girl' and 'when I kiss another woman and smoke a cigarette' which has been judged to be harmful for children or teens.

10cm reps said that the members aren't paying the latest news much attention. "The members don't really care and are focusing more on their September 3-4th headlining concert at the Olympic Hall."

When a song is officially banned by the government ministry, those under the age of 19 aren't allowed to download the song without their parent's permission nor can they buy
it at the store. Also, the song would be banned from being played from 7 AM to 10 PM.



Interview :- E9 (Edward Nine)

First give us an introduction.

We are Alternative/Punk/Electronic/Rock Band E9
Our another full name is Edward Nine. That means Edward Scissorhands(movie) + Nine Inch Nails(musician/artist).
I thought pureness of "Edward Scissorhands" & rampancy of "Nine Inch Nails"
Band E9 was influenced Grunge , Punk , Britpop, Electronic Sound. and We are pursuing unique melody , fairy-tale lyrics and strait & fickle Sound.
band E9 is well-matched with rock/music/sound Festival. In the future, a more hopeful band E9. Thank You.

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