September 8th, 2011



Great chance for LA, I think)

FRI. OCT 7, 2011 AT 8:00PM

Powerhouse is proud to announce ‘2011 Yim Jae Beum Concert in Los Angeles.’

Considered as the most popular and charismatic singers in Korea today, Yim finally launches his first solo concert in the United States in the 25 years of professional career.

Started off his career in 1986 as the lead vocalist for the heavy metal rock band ‘Sinawe’, Yim Jae Beum has been known as the living legend of Korean rock.

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Why Sweet Revenge should be on your Kpop Radar

So those of us that have been around Kpop for a while always lament about the same thing:  finding something new in Kpop and having more diversity, especially with the girl groups.  We complain about the aegyo, the stale concepts, the boring recycled music, the too cute or too fake-ly fierce, and the catering to those darn ahjusshi fans.  Well, this is my answer to your complaints… the K-indie girl group Sweet Revenge.  They’re bringing a new level of musical ability to the Kpop girl group playing field and that’s why they should definitely be on your Kpop Radar.

The group is known as the “SNSD of Hongdae” due to the lead singers’ resemblance to SNSD‘s Taeyeon.  Sweet Revenge is made up of members Kim So-yeong on lead vocals, Kim Mi-jung on guitar, Lee Hwa-yeon on bass, and Jang Hyun-ah on drums.  They made their K-indie debut in 2009 releasing two EP albums and created a strong fan base in Hongdae, the breeding ground of great K-indie acts.  They’re now trying to break into the mainstream with their mini album Rule Breaker which was released on August  25th.  The mini album had four tracks on it: 1. Rule Breaker, Space Monster (Intro), 3. Space Monster, and 4. Love Virus.  The band is backed by Mirrorball Music, K-indie’s powerhouse production company, so they’ve got the backing to shake up the Kpop scene.

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Teen Top and Bye Bye Sea cover Seo Taiji & The Boys on Yoon Dohyun's "MUST"

Indie group Bye Bye Sea and boy group Teen Top collaborated on the latest episode of Yoon Dohyun's "MUST" on M.Net, where both groups were appearing as guests. Both of them took the stage, dividing up the singing and rapping parts equally over all the singers, including Bye Bye Sea's vocalist.

The groups performed one of Seo Taiji's older songs, "Your Fantasy" which was released under Seo Taiji & the Boys in 1992. The song was featured on the group's first album "I Know". Seo Taiji & The Boys consisted of famous rock star Seo Taiji, YG Entertainment head Yang Hyunsuk and dancer Lee Juno. They went their separate ways in 1996 after which Yang Hyunsuk created YG Entertainment, and Seo Taiji went on solo.


Cherry Filter establishes ‘Rocat Punch’ label for indie bands

Inspired by the burst of new talent being discovered on the KBS survival show, ‘Top Band‘, veteran rock group Cherry Filter has revealed that they’ve launched their own label to help boost the indie industry.

Named ‘Rocat Punch‘, the label will focus on discovering and promoting indie bands within the rock scene. A representative of Rocat Punch explained, “After watching so many talented juniors trying to achieve their dreams without the help of a label on KBS’s ‘Top Band’, Cherry Filter felt the need to establish a label to help them. They decided to go ahead with the idea so that they can provide their juniors with a place to freely express their music and to converse more directly.”

Rocat Punch will help indie bands get into club performances, in addition to other activities that will help advance their careers.

They continued, “The door is open for any band with a passion for music. With a system that differentiates itself from major labels, Rocat Punch will work with the public.”

The label already has a few contracts under its belt, signing Swing Chair, ‘Top Band’ contestant Blue Near Mother, and Even Dust.

Sourse: UPD: here is their facebook page. Don't miss to listen to good music!