September 16th, 2011


Bye Bye Sea reveals 5th part in the "Tribute90" series

"Tribute90" is a series of '90s covers by indie artists, with a new release every week. Today's release includes Bye Bye Sea's cover of Pipi Longstocking's "바보 버스". The band was shortlived, only existed from 1995 till 1997, but was important for the Korean indie scene as they are seen to have ignited the indie scene movement as they were the first band that actually dared to be different and go in against the mainstream music.

The album's info declares that five indie labels launched this project together with Daum Music. Their artists are set to make live studio recordings of old songs from the '90s. The first song to be covered was a song by S.E.S., "Just a Feeling". Previous releases include reworked songs by Super Kidd, Casker, The Koxx and Urban Zakapa.

Bye Bye Sea was recently in the news when they collaborated with Teen Top for one of Seo Taiji & The Boys' old songs in Yoon Dohyun's "MUST".


Bye Bye Sea to hold first solo concert in October

Indie rock band Bye Bye Sea will be holding their first solo concert since their debut a few years ago. On October 28th, the band will be having a gig in Seoul's underground rock area, Hongdae.

Titled "Do You remember your first love?", the concert will be full of Bye Bye Sea's addictive tunes and tracks, and it set to include various known songs. The group is known for its OST tracks for "I am Legend", as well as their role in "Playful Kiss" as the musical and comical relief.

Through this gig Bye Bye Sea will show a more powerful sound, hoping to attract lots of different people to the stage. The group is currently enthusiastically preparing for the big day.

Bye Bye Sea recently revealed their cover of Pipi Longstocking's "바보 버스" for the "Tribute90" series, as well as a cover of Seo Taiji & The Boys' "Your Fantasy" together with Teen Top. They had their recording debut with the release of a mini album called "Boy’s Universe" at the end of 2009. Last year the group released their first full length album "City Complex."


Seo Taiji’s cryptic message, is he preparing for a comeback?

On September 14th, Seo Taiji’s official homepage changed to a planetary outer space theme with luminous background music and revealed suggestions for a potential comeback.

Along with the new theme the following cryptic message was posted, “Logbook August 2008. I completed my voyage and now I’m preparing for my last. During my voyage there was a sudden malfunction and I lost all my diary entries. I tried to recover them and managed to access the encrypted backup data. With 8th Atomos, I was able to recover some of the damaged sectors. From now on I’m going to use related keywords to repair the logbooks and the final destination. You guys have the answer”.

After reading the message fans had various opinions that the cryptic message alluded to comeback. Some were extremely excited for a new album, while others thought it was too soon, after his recent divorce and law suit with Lee Ji Ah.