September 19th, 2011


Week releases (12.09 - 18.09)

Shingaram Band (신가람밴드)
어른이 되었다 (album)

Date: 2011.09.14
Style: indie rock

Bye Bye Sea (안녕바다)
‘Tribute90’ Part 5.<바보버스>

Date: 2011.09.15

YaYa (야야)
1집 곡예(曲藝)

Date: 2011.09.15
Style: indie

그대와 왈츠를 [single]

Date: 2011.09.16
Style: indie

TOP Band Part 6
Artists: J.Power, 하비누아주, 라떼라떼, S1

Date: 2011.09.17

Hwan (환)
Delusion [single]

Date: 2011.09.17
Style: indie rock


J Rabbit delivers message of love, hope

YouTube, use of IT gadgets help quickly spread indie duo’s musical talents

They almost never stay quiet or calm, just like rabbits.

Jung Da-woon and Jung Hye-sun, the members of the female indie duo J Rabbit, filled the photo studio of The Korea Herald with giggles and jokes on how they should pose for an interview photo.

The two Jungs, both born in the Year of Rabbit, in 1987, met in a tutorial music class of the Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2007 to collaborate on group homework and decided to pursue a musical career together. The name J Rabbit is a combination of the initial of their surname “J” and their birth year, “Rabbit.”

“The fundamental message we try to embody in our music is love. Based on love, we tell the stories of hope, joy, sorrow, depression, peace and blessing in our lives,” said Jung Da-woon, who mostly composes J Rabbit songs and plays diverse musical instruments including piano, acoustic guitar, cello, violin and even marimba.

“Our fans often say that we are like their friends because they find it comfortable and enjoyable to listen to our songs. We wish people could listen to our music and think that the world is still a beautiful place to live,” said Jung Hye-sun, whose vocals are known for a crystal clear tone.

Their messages of love and hope came from what they had experienced before they debuted in 2010 with single album “Take One.”

In 2007, the duo started searching for a caf with a live concert hall where they could perform but most of the caf owners said either that they were too young or that their folk music was “sleepy and too quiet.”

J Rabbit members Jung Da-woon (left) and Jung Hye-sun pose for a photo. (Park Hyun-koo/The Korea Herald)

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