October 5th, 2011


K-Pop Indie Gem: Nell | seoulbeats

Seoulbeats present article covering Nell. Good introduce for those not acquainted to this band.

Nell, my ultimate favorite K-Pop Indie band, is a band you must know.

Nell has 4 members: Kim Jong Wan (vocal, guitar, keyboard), Lee Jae Kyung (lead guitar), Lee Jung Hoon (base guitar), Jung Jae Won (drums). This band was created by real friends who came together to share their love of music. The most unique trait about this band is that, all of their songs are composed, produced, and sung by vocalist Kim Jong Wan. He focuses his musical style on bringing out emotions with powerful lyrics. They currently have 4 official albums out. The band members just completed serving their military duty, and you can check out their official comeback stage at the Grand Mint Festival, aka GMF, on October 22nd and 23rd.

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Sourse: seoulbeats.com

Interview with Angry Bear | Chincha!?

Angry Bear are a half-British, half-North American indie rock band situated in Seoul.  They comprise of four members working together to create an energetic rock sound: Kc Swink on bass and vocals, Scott Prince on guitar and vocals, Patrick Connor on the drums and Ian Chiasson on guitar.

Angry Bear have a first album and an array of gigs under their belt, making it clear that they are carving out a space for themselves within the music scene in this country.  With this in mind and a second album on the way, we thought we’d ask them some questions about life, music and South Korea.

Us: How long have you been together as a group?

Angry Bear: Scott and Kc met 4 years ago when they were thrown together as roommates, while working for the same hagwon. Realizing that they were both musicians they started playing acoustically at random bars and events for fun. Patrick joined 2 years ago after seeing them play and asking if they required someone to drum. After this we went electric. Ian was added to the line-up about a year ago, to beef up the sound.

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Sourse: chincha.co.uk

Jaurim’s Kim Yuna models for “Eyewear Space ALO”

Recent photos have been released revealing Kim Yuna of Jaurim modeling for fashion “Eyewear Space ALO”. With a pair of glasses and her curly hair in an up-do, the idol showed her chic yet cute charms.

During the shoot it was reported that she posed like a professional model and received compliments from the staff. With her natural beauty complimented by the simple set, the photoshoot endorses the glasses well while showing off Kim Yuna’s sweet elegance.

Is it just me or does she get younger with age? Can you believe shes 34 with a child?
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Sourse: allkpop.com