October 8th, 2011


[Interview] Yellow Monsters for IZM Music Webzine

We have a special present for you, dears. I dared to ask once more wassereis to translate an interview with Yellow Monsters. Hope, that you already know that I'm huge fan of their music and hardly wanted to know what they are talking about since my own korean is far from the point of understanding.
I was really impressed when I saw the number of pages when I got this from wassereis)) Thanks a lot! Many-many thanks for this)

So, present you interview with three members of Yellow Monsters. Their thoughts about 2nd album, about touring with Crying Nut and Galaxy Express and not being idols.
Interview has marks of the translator.

“Isn’t beer better than this? The day is hot too.”
Is the answer we got offering them ice tea at the café we met at the middle of the day for the interview. Asking in return if there is no other schedule after that, the answer we got was ‘we do have a schedule, but is beer alcohol*?”. Out of the three, two became fathers after marriage, but after all they are a rock band to the bone. In the end, interviewer and interviewee chink glasses, and in a peaceful, beer drinking atmosphere, the interview proceeds.

*compared to other countries, beer in Korea is said to be more like water, or non-alcoholic-beer

After a time of one year, they release their 2nd full length album ‘Riot!’ and are busy making national tours together with Crying Nut and Galaxy Express. Together with stories about their new album, the interview was an occasion to share their view as members of the first generation on the recent indie scene and even the beginning of it.

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