October 12th, 2011


Korea’s punks prepare for World Domination

While Korean pop culture is spreading around the world like wildfire, less mainstream endeavours are left to their own devices. Despite this, Korean independent music has garnered an impressive response through grassroots channels such as word of mouth and social networking operated by music creators. Since its inception when bands Crying Nut and No Brain played in Club Drug in the early ’90s, independent music in Korea has been dominated domestically by punk rock.

Normally the domain of the lower classes (and the cheap), punk music has been left in the dust. But Korea’s punks continue to work their hardest to create music they can be proud of. Jeff Moses, an American living in Seoul, wanted to support their efforts. As well as playing guitar and singing for the Seoul band …Whatever That Means, he runs World Domination, Inc. (WDI), a promoting group. Under that name, he released “Them and US,” a compilation CD featuring eleven of Korea’s hardest working bands.

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