October 13th, 2011


K-Pop Indie Gem: Humming Urban Stereo | seoulbeats

I’m pretty sure anyone who’s into K-pop will know the song, “Hawaiian Couple” by Humming Urban Stereo. Just listen to it — you’ll know what I mean.
This song was the song that introduced Humming Urban Stereo to the public. It was featured in one of the most popular romantic comedy films of 2007 called “My Love” and made Humming Urban Stereo a name for itself in the mainstream.

Humming Urban Stereo may sound like a band, but it really isn’t. Humming Urban Stereo is made up by just one person: Lee Jeereen. He is the one who is responsible for singing, writing, composing, and producing the music for Humming Urban Stereo. Occasionally, he does get help. He commonly uses female guest vocalists to participate in his albums. Shina-E and Humming Girl are the most frequent guests and sometimes mistaken as actual members of the group.

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Offering us polished choreography, slick vocals, and unique fashion trends, K-pop is both fun and addicting. But alongside our beloved K-pop idols, there exists an alternative, underground if you will, music genre that isn’t as often talked about when mentioning Korean music — the indie scene.
More often than not these acts write, produce, and perform their own music. They are artists in every sense of the word, and have ideas they wish to express pulled from their own daily lives and observations of the world around them. This results in music with unique sounds, and lyrics that run the gamut from bitter coffee to crushes to couples from Hawaii.
Many hail from the artistic neighborhood of Seoul called Hongdae. (Take a look at episode 3 of STUDIO 5 for a closer look at Hongdae, and our featured indie artist 10cm).
These artists play the local clubs and cafes, and can even be found jamming right out on the streets. They also collaboratively hold joint concerts and festivals to play a larger audience, like the upcoming Grand Mint Festival. Suffice to say that watching them live is an experience in and of itself.

So, when you need a break from all the sleek and sexy hip-thrusting, and just want to relax beside a freshly brewed cup o’ java, pull up one of these tracks on your playlist:

10cm — “Americano”
Humming Urban Stereo — “Hawaiian Couple” (check out the YMCK version too!)
Sweet Sorrow — “Where Are You?”
3rd Coast — “Show Me the Way”
Winterplay — “Touché mon amour”
Urban Zakapa — “Crush”