December 20th, 2011


Krockisreal meets Apollo 18

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Apollo 18? If it’s a cancelled manned Moon landing program or a recent American blockbuster movie, then please leave this page.

Here at krockisreal there are no failed missions or stupid action movies. There’s only Korean rock and indie. And I’m talking now more specifically of a post-rock and post-hardcore band consisting of three members: Daeinn Kim (김대인), Hyunseok Choi (최현석) and Sangyun Lee (이상윤).

If you haven’t heard anything about the band Apollo 18 (which is almost impossible for krock lovers) here are some important facts:

• formed in 2008
• by 2010 the band had already released three albums called Red, Blue, and Violet
• in 2010 they won Rookie of the Year at the Korean Music Awards
• in 2011 they toured the United States (and performed at SXSW), played the Fuji Rock festival in Japan, and the Beastie Rock Festival in Taiwan
• on November 23 the band issued a new EP called Black that sees them furthering their sound by creating more charming hard sounds

Another interesting fact before continuing: when I arrived at the Hyang Music Shop in Sinchon there were no copies of Red, Blue, or Violet left (Black had not been released yet). All the CDs were sold out! And I was quite happy to learn that, because really good music needs to be listened to.
While staying in Seoul this autumn I had the chance to talk with these guys and ask them several questions. It’s maybe not a formal interview, but I was very glad to get acquainted with them and just chat in front of the venue before their performance that night.

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