December 29th, 2011


Interview with Clazzi || EatYourKimchi

We got the chance to sit down with Clazzi, leader of Clazziquai Project, and talk to him about his music, his inspirations, about Kpop and its globalization, and other things.

It’s difficult to say how this interview all started. We’ve always been huge fans of Clazziquai. We would wake up to Chocolate Truffles back when we were teaching, and played that album on loop non-stop for months. But that was a while ago, and Clazziquai hasn’t put out an album in a while. So, when we heard Clazzi release his first single, How We Feel, we rushed to listen to it, fell in love with that song as well, and did our best to promote it in our last K Crunch. Yeah. It’s that good.

We decided to ask Clazzi on Twitter if we could interview him, not only because we’re big fans and we thought it’d be totally freaking cool to hang out with Clazzi in his studio (HELL YEAH!) but also because we want other people to know about him and his music (which we put together in a cool YouTube playlist after this interview). More importantly, we got to speak with a very important figure in the Korean Music scene on his thoughts on Korean Music. The two of us are just outsiders looking in and expressing our thoughts on the Korean music through our Western (and often ridiculous) perspective, so to be able to speak with someone in the industry is really interesting for us.

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NeonBunny collaborates with flat shoes brand "Le Bunny Bleu"

Flat shoes brand Le Bunny Bleu together with indie artist NeonBunny held special party in the shop located in Seoul’s Sinsadong Street on the 23rd of December.

Coffee concept of interior and real coffee and other drinks that were offered to customers changed the shop into the venue.
Despite the small size brand’s customers and fans of NeonBunny together could participate in this Christmas event. Indie musician NeonBunny that debuted earlier this year charmed the audience with lyrics and vocal.

It seems like forthcoming holidays will bring more such cultural events. Especially in the fashion world, which is using such collaborations now more often to increase amount of customers.

Site of brand: lebunnybleu

And what do you think about such collabs? Is it wisely to invite artist with the same name to sing at the opening party?