January 2nd, 2012


Ninano Nanda's releases new EP Sound Fiction, available on SoundCloud

The prodigy of Korean pansori mixed with electronic sound released new EP called Sound Fiction on 29 of December.
And now you can listen to all tracks from this EP on SoundCloud
The band consist of two musicians, Jang Goon, whose vocals with traditional Korean pansori style brings you to the past. And Shin Hang whose arrangement and mix of beat from all over the world take you to the farest future. I prefer to think that in several thousands years we could communicate only through sounds of music^^

Also band released a short film (not really a music video) for Rebirth Universe.
That is how this song is described officially:

"This song is representative of the historical human imagination and of common sense
it's about a princess; a lost empire; the last heros, and Karma and Dharma, which are always repeating, much like music verses and sounds.
it includes guardians versus invaders, and a love story.
from the occidental west to the ancient east, there was one story.
it's a love story about a guardian (man-yang) and a goddness (woman-yin).
at this is point, maybe we can see our future, like a movie cliché.
the music video is a collaboration of works by famous korean artists.
this is one example of korean indie music in a realistic world in 2011 CE"