January 18th, 2012


Musician Shin Jung-hyun’s songs to be made into a musical

Interpark has announced that a musical based on the music of Shin Jung-Hyun is currently in the works.

The musical, called “The Legend of Korean Rock,” will open in the second half of the year, an Interpark representative said.

The musical is to include songs such as “Beauty,” “One Cup of Coffee” and “Beautiful Mountain,” with the final song list to be released next month.

“We plan to showcase the songs in a creative and entertaining plot,” a representative from the production company said.

Lee Hee-jun, who wrote the book for “La Revolution” and “My Heart’s Organ,” will write the script.

Shin is a veteran rock musician who made his debut in the 1950s and is referred to as the “godfather of rock music” in Korea. He joined the ranks of only a dozen other guitarists, including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, when he received a specially crafted guitar from Fender, the first time an Asian musician had received a tribute guitar from the American company.

Sourse: Korea JoongAng Daily