February 25th, 2012


Review/MV Explanation: eAeon (이이언)—Bulletproof || Musical Dialect

With desolate twitchiness and static chaos, “Bulletproof” breaks time with its twisted emotional depth. It’s hard to handle these sounds without leaning towards an overly obscure, art damaged mess, but eAeon makes it work through his vivid consistency and direction.

The sounds in “Bulletproof” are completely interactive with your mind. Thick synths and wallowing emotions pass in and out of it, disjointed thoughts litter it, reflective phrases quietly wander around it, and warmly exhausted sounds lay motionless inside of it. The melody in itself travels to all sorts of virtual structures; breathless releases, punctuated afterthoughts, and frightened ebbing releases. A lost, suppressed, and broken character looking desperately for a way out of his confusion emerges from them. These are the things that crown the track as a vivid emotional experience, one that picks at your brain with its dimensional shapes and mannerisms.

The music video and the lyrics’ message echo this poignant environment with an incredible artistry.

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Rock band YB to perform two shows at Japanese ‘K-Music’ festival

Korean rock band YB will perform at the Japan-based “Top Artist of K-Music” festival, which is geared toward promoting up-and-coming Korean artists, in Osaka and Tokyo on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

Through its signature rock sounds, YB will showcase its talent and mark of differentiation from other K-pop artists and idol groups.

The quintet consists of lead singer Yoon Do-hyun, guitarists Heo Joon and Scott Hellowell, bassist Park Tae-hee and drummer Kim Jin-won.

YB made its debut in 1997 with the album “Yoon Do-hyun and Band.”

The rock group is notable in Korea for its performances on the MBC singing survival show “I Am a Singer.” The band also frequently performs concerts in Korea, having just wrapped up a tour in December.

Yoon, the 40-year-old lead singer, is also famous for hosting a variety of shows on Korean television.

He is currently the MC on the singing shows “K-Pop Star” and “Yoon Do-hyun’s Must.”

Sourse: JoongAng Daily

Jeju Weekly Interviews Galaxy Express

'People always get excited when we get wild'
Galaxy Express plays a popular mix of garage punk and psychedelic sounds

Seoul’s Galaxy Express is comprised of guitarist Park Jong Hyun, bassist Lee Ju Hyun, and drummer Kim Hee Kwon. Over the last six years the trio’s infectious hybrid of garage punk, psychedelic sounds, and riotous gigs have helped make them one of South Korea’s premier rock ‘n’ roll outfits.

While the country’s mandatory military service often causes the death of many Korean bands, it actually led to the birth of Galaxy Express.

“Ju Hyun called me after watching me play a show in Seoul,” shares Park. “I covered many old Korean and Ramones’ songs at that gig. He was playing in a punk band called Ghetto Bombs at the time, but some of the members had to go to the army. He asked me about starting a new band together. He said he wasn’t so worried about the musical style, he just wanted to make something with lots of energy and passion.”

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