February 27th, 2012


Fluxus reveals full MV for Bye Bye Sea's "Devil"

Just ahead of releasing their second full length album "Pink Revolution" later today, Fluxus revealed the new music video for indie rock band Bye Bye Sea through their official YouTube channel.

Bye Bye Sea, which consists out of four members Namu, Joonhyuk, Daehyun and Myungjae; released their first mini album, "Boy's Universe", in 2009. After that, they went on to release their first full length album "City Complex" in 2010. During the same year, the full band was cast in the drama "Playful Kiss", giving a playful musical intermezzo in-between various scenes. They are now back with "Pink Revolution", their second full length album which consists out of 12 tracks.

A music video teaser, as well as the album's full tracklist, was already revealed earlier this month.

What do you think of their newest release?

Sourse: koreaboo.com

German fans name AshGray "Best Indie Artist/Band"

Occures as if German fans have their own chart award.
Owner of the chart is http://remarkable.forumieren.com/.
And it is great that they are not focused only on kpop but mention also indie artists.

So for this year the winner is AshGray. Just reminding you that band released in 2011 their first album, recorded for Tribute 90' 이별의 그늘 and in 2012 they already released new single. So band is going further and further and Germany is keeping an eye on them^^
And I even found interview with the band made by editors.

What do you think about the idea of creating fans award? Isn't it a great idea?

Sourse: remarkableforum