April 8th, 2012


Busker Busker′s Street Performance to be Relayed Live Online

Busker Busker, the band that recently released its debut album after becoming known through Mnet′s Superstar K3, will be airing its street performance live online on April 9. Having the street performance of a rookie group relayed live is an unprecedented feat, proving the explosive popularity the band is currently enjoying.

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Album review: Glen Check - Haute Couture by hellokpop

As of 2012, electronic rock is a major stream in Korean indie. I can’t really explain the sudden proliferation of electro-garage and synthrock bands coming out of the woodwork, but I’m not complaining – the majority of these (often very young) bands have accumulated electronica know-how and are well versed in their craft. Two of the best albums of 2011, for example, belonged to this hybrid genre: Idiotape‘s 11111101 and The Koxx‘s Access OK. Consider what bands like Achime, Telepathy, and Mongoose did last year as well, and the picture starts looking really good.

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Sourse: hellokpop.com

All Lies Band′s Woo Seung Min is Soon to be Wed

All Lies Band′s Woo Seung Min will be a bachelor no more.

On the afternoon of April 8 (KST), Woo Seung Min will be wed to his bride, a non-celebrity who is four years younger than him.

The two first met in autumn last year through an acquaintance, had their parents meet each other in December that same year and finally decided to tie the knot on April 8.

The ceremony will be officiated by Yang Heeun and hosted by Yoo Jae Suk, while Yoon Jong Shin will be singing for the wedding. Many celebrities who have appeared on television shows with him will also be present. Many are wondering whether Kang Ho Dong, who boasted close ties with Woo Seung Min in MBC′s Kneedrop Guru, will be attending the ceremony.

Before his marriage, Woo Seung Min first revealed his plans to be wed on MBC′s Come to Play in January and made another announcement later on through his Twitter.

Woo Seung Min debuted as the one-man band All Lies Band in 2001 and became known through his appearance on Kneedrop Guru. He is currently appearing on Come to Play′s ′Lord of the Semi-Basement′ with comedian Yangbaechu.

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Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.02-04.08)

Another end of the week, another list of releases. Not much though. But what I liked is a band called 달토끼 and their old music video, which is obviously not as expensive as can do well-known bands but with really funny inspiration and brings good emotions. Also the best discovery of this week is 몸과마음(momguamaum).
And what did you like from the list?

달토끼 [EP]

Release date: 2012.04.06
Watch MV for 너가 싫어

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[translate] PIA interview for IZM Neo Music Communication

Last year PIA celebrated 10 years of being together. Their album Pentagram also resembled this number. 
Sad but there wasn't any english speaking sourse being able to talk to them. That's why I asked sweet hearted wassereis to translate big interview made by Neo Music Communication IZM. 
Voila, here it is! And thanks a lot!

Saying it with the words of writer Lee Oi Soo, ‘endure’ is a synonym of ‘transcend’. For a band, ’10 years’ is not just a number that counts the years. With the release of their new album ‘Pentagram’, band Pia marks the peak of their 10 year long career. Looking back, there wasn’t the usual member shift or forgoing of their genre. Isn’t it right away such ‘survival power’ that is as hard to acquire as musical techniques or natural talent? Telling us that “actually we’re weakening, but we want to do the band rough and long”, in their faces the laughter treasure also a weight.

Congratulations! Pia became 10 years old. How do you feel?

Yohan: Actually, because you say it’s been 10 years, I had no special thoughts. Because I hear those words often from people around me, I feel great.

Hullang: Even though, it’s not that we did those 10 years with brisk steps. Thinking about it, we had a lucky case. Because the experiences while performing overseas and standing on huge stages, became the driving force pulling the band.

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Sourse: izm.co.kr