April 12th, 2012


Poodle Skirt Punk: The RockTigers Rockabilly Resurrection

Imagine an Asian Elvis: jolting hip shakes, lopsided smirk, hounddog howl and all. Now, imagine The King is a lady. A pint-sized, South Korean punk diva. Velvet Geena does everything she can to conjure Presley’s spirit on stage. Her bandmates in the RockTigers follow suit with slicked pompadours, a stand-up bass and rockabilly undertones. Below, Geena talks about giving those vintage rhythms a punk rock twist as Korea’s first member of the "punkabilly" genre.

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This London Chick interview with Glen Check

Now this is honestly the best new band I've heard in a while. Their latest album is abundant with infectious, electronic goodness. Don't believe me? Then read my interview with Glen Check and check-check-check (that's an awful joke, I'm sorry) their latest album Haute Couture out now!

Could you start off with your names and your roles in the band?
Hello, I'm June-One Kim, I sing and play the guitar in the band
Hi, I'm Hyuk-Jun Kang, I play the bass and synths
Hi, I'm Jeon-Yeol Ryu and I play the drums.

How did you guys meet and form a band?

H.J : June-One and I were in the same high school. We were not interested in forming a band or releasing any album at the time, but we still had this common interest in making music. After graduation we were doing different things and it was getting kind of boring. So we decided to have fun making music in weekends, but this plan started to become bigger. That was when we met Jeon Yeol and he became our drummer. We always wanted three positions in the band.

When I first heard your music I recognised a lot of similarities with groups from the UK such as Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, The Cribs, amongst others. But your sound is quite distinctive too. What bands influence your music?
J.O : We don't like to confine our music to a specific genre or make links with other bands. We just make what we like and what sounds the most natural to us. We do enjoy listening to bands from the UK!

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