May 5th, 2012


No Brain to step down from ‘Immortal Song 2′

Rock band No Brain will be stepping down from KBS2‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

No Brain has been putting on fresh and unique performances for the viewers of ‘Immortal Song 2‘, but it turns out the upcoming recording for the ‘Yoon Hang Ki & Yoon Bok Hee‘ special will be their last.

The band has given a rock and roll spin to Korean classics such as Jung Mi Jo‘s “Fire Flower”, Kim Gun Mo‘s “First Impression“, Yoon Soo Il‘s “I Will Never Love“, and more.

They were also known to be quite the entertainers, always lifting the mood backstage with their sense of humor, and viewers are sad to see them go.

“It’s too bad. I really enjoyed the rock music,” they wrote in response to the news, while also writing, “Come back soon,” and “I wanted to hear them live at the show.”

No Brain will be taking a break after completing their last ‘Immortal Song’ recording on May 7th.


Nell Sings Today with Music of the Past

There’s a special charm that sucks you in the more you listen to it.

The music by modern rock band Nell, who returns after four years, has that kind of power. And the album that clearly shows that power is the band′s fourth album, Separation Anxiety, released in March of 2008. If you are a person who loves Nell’s music, it is an album that you had on repeat without even noticing.

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Sourse: eNewsWorld

Nell releases performance video for “Cliff Parade”

Indie-rock band, Nell, released their album ‘Slip Away‘ after a long hiatus to much positive feedback from their fans. One of the tracks on the album is “Cliff Parade”, and the group has just unveiled a video of the performance for the track!

Titled “Nell Cliff Parade (Official Live Edit)”, the video contains footage from the group’s live performance for the track as well as behind-the-scenes clips.

Check out the video below!


1990s rock star Kim Daan of N.EX.T vanishes

Kim Daan from the 1990s rock group N.EX.T has mysteriously vanished, prompting much worry from friends, family and fans.

Kim was last seen on Monday, according to a friend’s posting on Twitter.

“A person has gone missing, please help,” read the posting from Thursday. “His name is Kim Daan, 33 years old, and the last place he was seen was around Nonhyun Station, Banpo-dong, on Monday. If anyone has seen him, please contact me. We are so worried.”

After his last sighting, Kim has used his Facebook to vent anger seemingly directed at others.

“Fools. I hope it all works out for you,” Kim wrote on Sunday. The following day, he commented again, saying “At least I know that my life wasn’t as worthless compared to yours. Thanks for the reminder.”

Kim’s last Facebook activity was on Wednesday.

“Thanks for all your support along the way. I am so grateful for all of you and I love you all,” he wrote.

Kim’s agency said it could not reach him by phone and did not know why the ’90s star went into hiding.

Sourse: Korea JoongAng Daily