June 8th, 2012


Boohwal revisits glory days with 13th album

As South Korean rock band Boohwal crowned their 28th year with their 13th full length album at the band’s showcase in Seoul, Thursday, leader Kim Tae-won put the historic moment into perspective.

“Living during a time when the old is discarded for the new, I am not so sure if we should celebrate or mourn the fact that we are one of the few to remain,” said the 47-year old musician-entertainer.

Kim has seen his band through tumultuous times, from its explosive beginnings in 1986, when it erupted onto the South Korean rock scene with its successful first album, on through to a faltering period when the fourth album was released as K-pop was taking off.

Fans will remember Boohwal’s first album, when the band wowed the masses with their mastery of the rock ballad genre, a soft, musically-inclined style that leader Kim would prove over the years to have a penchant and talent for.

That was when “Heeya” ― one of Boohwal’s most celebrated singles featuring former lead vocalist-turned-soloist Lee Seung-chul ― was born.

Over the decade following that golden moment, the rock band has weathered its ups and downs, including drastic changes in its line-up, with leader Kim the only original member to stay on board.

South Korean rock band Boohwal ― (from left to right) lead guitarist-songwriter Kim Tae-won, drummer Chae Je-min, bassist Seo Jae-hyeok, vocalist Chung Dong-ha ― attend the showcase for their 13th album, “Purple Wave,” in Seoul, Thursday. (Boohwal Entertainment)

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