June 18th, 2012


Boohwal Rides the Purple Wave

Almost three years since their last album, Boohwal returned with Purple Wave at the beginning of the month, marking the release of their 13th album on their discography. For those who don’t know them, we’re talking about one of the most influential K-rock bands that debuted way back in 1985 and despite rough times and countless line-up changes, managed to stay relevant in the music industry. Their latest album consists of 10 tracks which stay loyal to the band’s acknowledged musical style. Thank god no other member was replaced or left since the last album, so the members are the same as we know them: mastermind guitar player and songwriter Kim Tae-won, incredibly skilled singer Chung Dong Ha, the veteran bass player Seo Jae-hyuck and solid drummer Chae Je-min.

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Korean indie/rock releases of the week (06.11-06.17)

So, here are releases of the week. I'm not quite sure which I like most - Rose Motel or Fantastic Drugstore. And what is more soft for ears - Aquibird or Standing Egg. What do you prefer of this list?

NamBongKeun band (남봉근밴드)
앗싸 [single]

Release date: 2012.06.11

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