September 1st, 2012


The State of Post-Rock is Korea

Post-rock in Korea has undergone quite a transformation in the last year or so. After the success of local acts Apollo 18 and Frenzy in circles outside the Korean underground, eyes are set on Hongdae and beyond to see what other gems lurk in the shadows. For someone who doesn’t speak Korean, discovering and unearthing these bearers of new music is hard work. So we’ve done the work for you. This month, Groove Korea reveals some of the most relevant and recent developments in Korea’s post-rock scene.Collapse )Sourse: Groove Korea

Mars (마르스) releases teaser for the second single

Female vocal pop-rock band Mars released their first single Sweet Heart earlier this year. The single consist of two songs - Sweet Heart and My Will all written and composed by HYOZII.
And now it is time for the second one called "Glorious". Dates are not announced but I think definitely in fall.

If you want to understand the way they performe take a look at the video below: