October 3rd, 2012


Korean Rock is Real interview with 황보령 = SMACKSOFT

You can not avoid it. It is charming you and blowing, taking away to another universe. It is winning your soul and becoming part of your existence. Music of 황보령 = SMACKSOFT.


Really, I'm not kidding. When in 2011 I first heard hypnotizing voice of Whang Bo Ryung (황보령), leader of group Smacksoft I felt like blessed crazy. It was at Club TA concert, small club but with amazing audience coming to cheer up the band. And now this band is going to bring their music to US, announcing Infinite Extent of Sound USA Tour which starts already on 8th of October and ends on 7th of November. You can check them live in LA, Mexico, Chicago, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Austin and San Diego. And I highly recommend you to come with open mind and heart.

Whang Bo Ryung, frontwoman of Smacksoft kindly agreed to answer several my questions. Check the interview.

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