October 22nd, 2012


Hot Potato Releases New Album

After two long silent years, Hot Potato has released a new album on October 22. Their fifth album to be exact, titled "Who Doesn't Like Sweet Things".

The album features eight tracks, ranging from a lightly rhythmic one titled "Alarm" (알람) to a softer string melody song titled "Arm Pillow" (팔베개), even a garage-style track titled "Leming" (레밍), electric-and-analog-mix "Error", rhythmic "Self Portrait", and more.

Full track list: 

01. 알람
02. 팔베개
03. 레밍
04. 자화상
05. '꽃이 있어 나비 온다'는 우리의 생각이다
06. Bless Me
07. 그러지 않을 수 있었는데(error)
08. 여의도의 꽃들은 좋겠네

To celebrate their fifth album release, the band led by Kim C will also be holding a concert on November 10-11th.

The album is available for preoder at YesAsia

Sourse: kbs.co.kr