December 2nd, 2012


K-Rookies (K-루키즈) 2012. The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) takes first place!


On 1st of December at Interpark Arthall was held final K-Rookies concert. To the finals came 6 bands: The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어), Manggakhwa (망각화), Mushru:ms (머쉬룸즈), Solsol Spring Wind (솔솔부는 봄바람), Small O (스몰오) and Hologram Film (홀로그램 필름). The contest started in June and was followed by 6 concerts with each of the participants and of course with already established bands. Winners and those who need to be in final concert were chosen by netizens votes.
Special guests to the show were 10cm, PIA, Romantic Punch, Autumn Vacation, Lee Han Chul and Yoonha. This event is sponsored by KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) and Korean Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism.
So the first place was taken by Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) with the prise of 5 mln won. You already know this band who released their first full lenght this year and present emotional light indie rock. Second place and prise of 3 mln won went to Small O (스몰오), which I can name side project of vocalist and two guitarists of Eastern Sidekick, where they are experimenting with acoustic folk sound. Third place went to Mushru:ms (머쉬룸즈), another representative of pop-rock, which is really popular now in Korea.

For the every band participating in the contest were filmed special music videos.
So here you can watch three for the winners and three for the finalists.

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