December 3rd, 2012


Korean indie/rock releases of the week (11.26-12.02)

So, here is long list of releases of previous week. I'm so happy with this list, that can't pick only 3 or 4 bands, that I like. So please be patient while reading my choices of the week^^ What I will definitely buy:
KwonMilk and the Greatest Voyage, 3rd album of Galaxy Express, Hologram Film's second EP, Number 9 first full length, Smacksoft's 5th album, Manggakhwa's new EP.
What I can't buy from here, but definitely recommend:
Art of Parties' new single 섬 (it will be distributed only on concerts and through cafe on daum), new for me bands: Peach Stock (피치스톡) who call themselves vintage rock band, Galaxy United (은하연합) and Valencia Court (발렌시아코트).
And as a sort of surprise you can find in the list band The Crows (까마귀) who released the track 'No Money' featuring D.Key and Kim Jung Woo of Toxic.

KwonMilk and the Greatest Voyage (권우유와 위대한항해)
청춘 스케치

Release date: 2012.11.26
Listen to 청춘 스케치 (Cheong-Choon Sketch)

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