December 29th, 2012


Korean indie/rock releases of the week (12.17-17.23)

Here is next-to-last list of releases in this year. As usual I tried to find youtube links and yesasia links for you.
As for me I found a bunch of new singers and bands I'd like to listen to - starting from Taehiun (태히언) (though for me he is familiar due to appearances with Kingston Rudieska), continuing with Juvenilia (쥬베닐리아) (for unbelievable daring songs) and ending with Teddy Boys (테디보이즈) (for lovely rock'n'roll). But absolutely win for me is Diablo (디아블로), heavy metal legends with their EP "Dumb". I became strong fan and can even pray for this voice^^ And what is your choice of this week?

Taehiun (태히언)
말하세요 [single]

Release date: 2012.12.17
Watch live performance of 말하세요

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