January 3rd, 2013


[live] Axiz (엑시즈) - 너에게 서툰 / 너만을 원해 at Sound K program / Arirang Radio

The members got together in junior high and have all turned 20 years old this year!
The members of the talented rock group Axiz participated in the soundtrack of the cable network drama 'Rude Miss Young-ae season 11.' This amazing group dropped by SOUND K and you can check out their live performances.
Their title track 'Want only You(너만을 원해)' expresses Young-ae in the drama in a rock n' roll style.
The song 'Weak to you(너에게 서툰)' from their first track was composed to express the feelings of the main character in this drama, and it also expresses the honest feelings of regular office workers.
Get ready to groove to the excellent music performed by these confident 20 year old musicians!

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Hyundai Card Music (현대카드 Music) ‘it tracks’ performances

In October 2012 Hyundai Card Music project (music.hyundaicard.com) released compilation album called 'it tracks'. The first album featured 10 indie bands including 3rd Line Butterfly, Galaxy Express, Goonamguayeoridingstella, Bye Bye Badman and more.
We already had opportunity to enjoy outcomes of Hyundai Card project watching one-scene videos made for indie musicians. This  project aims to promote indie musicians and to support their interaction with audience through online shop and showcases.
Each week after the release of the 'it tracks' album Hyundai Card Music organized special showcases at Mug for Rabbit coffee shop in Seogyo-dong near Hongdae, long known as the incubator for indie bands and young artists in the area.
Recently Music project released short videos of bands performing on stage during performances and also with short interviews.
As Hyundai Card promised to release this kind of albums regulary, let's wait for more bands to be highlighted.

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P.S. Achime's performance is nowhere to be found.

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