January 6th, 2013

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Welcome to the "Rock Show"

A new internet talk show focusing on Korean rock hosted by KimPD and Blue Near Mother's Han Junhee, aptly titled 'Rock Show', has emerged with their first episode last week. Filmed at Club Rollercoaster in Hongdae, the first guest for the first and second episode was Blue Near Mother's own frontman Moon Jisung. On the second episode the hosts managed to secure their next guests, Toxic's Kim Jungwoo, Broken Valentine's Van and Gate Flowers' Park Geunhong. 

Episodes one and two under the cut!

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Source: Rock Show youtube account

The RockTigers (더 락타이거즈) to release new album


Kimchibilly creators and rockabilly korean devotees The RockTigers are set to release 4th full length album ‘Shut Up and Deal’ on 26th of January.
Their last full album ‘Rock 'n' Roll Licence’ was released in 2010 and already played it’s role in transferring originally American rockabilly sound with Korean passion to audience, both foreign and Korean. Since the time band was created they played numerous festivals, in Korea and Asia, released Japanese album and had been featured on the LA Times, CNN International and other online and offline news portals.
Following the album band is starting national tour, coming to Jeonju, Cheonan, Gwanju, Busan, Daejeon. Also they will participate in March in Mongol Rock and Roll Festival held in Mongolia, country boarding with Russia and China.

Let’s wait for the incredible sound of the the RockTigers' 4th album ‘Shut Up and Deal’!

Sourse: RockTigers on Facebook, TheKopoi2


Korean heavy metal band Cratia (크라티아) returns with new album

Korea's first generation legendary heavy metal band Cratia's long-awaited album 'Retro Punch' is set to be released on 7th of January. Cratia was tremendously popular in the rock industry back in the 80s and now they're back with hardcore rarity tracks.

Album is full of collaboration tracks with other musicians from Black Syndrome, H2O, BlackHole, Crash and others.

Track list:

01. HIGHER / Vo.Feat. 선종욱
02. REMEMBER / Vo.Feat. 홍경민 Gt solo.Feat. 이근형
03. ROCK IT TONIGHT / Vo.Feat. 김준원 of H2O
04. ROCKER / Vo.Feat. 김세헌 of 이브
05. FACE IN THE MIRROR / Vo.Feat. 박영철 of 블랙신드롬
06. CRAZY NITE / Vo.Feat. 김용훈 of 라디오데이즈
07. HERE COMES THE RISING / Vo.Feat. 손창현 of 원밴드
08. BLOODY NATION / Vo.Feat. 주상균 of 블랙홀
09. GOODBYE / Vo.Feat. 홍경민
10. HARD HEADED WOMAN (REMAKE) / Vo. 김인철 Gt solo.Feat. 윤두병 of 크래쉬
11. REMEMBER (Radio Ver.)

You can already pre-order this album at YesAsia

And here is song Hard Headed Woman and an interview with band, that was shot for HellRide TV.

Sourse: evermoremusic, Cratia on Facebook, HellRide Youtube