January 17th, 2013


Band WHOwho (후후) releases first EP


Electro rock band WHOwho (후후) released their first EP on 16th of January.
Band members are leader Noh Joon Yong (guitar, vocal), Ahn Yohan (bass), Kim Hyung Youl (synth) and Kim Jin Cheol (drums). They started last year in March giving live shows in Hongdae centered clubs and were chosen as one of five hidden masters (숨은 고수) at Ssamzie Sound Festival. After less than a year since band was created they were signed to Soundholic label.
Album is presented by melodic bits title track 'Bye Bye', which is supposed to create an atmosphere of all album, as well as simple repetitive electronic track ‘Dance in the Rain’ and also guitar based 'Love', which is centered around the phrase “We don't have to pay no, to make love”. Btw, all lyrics are in Eng(r)lish and in a whole band presents electro-rock genre, oriented mostly on ‘danceable’ tracks, which are continuing paths of Glen Check and The Koxx.
The band will hold EP release show on 18th of January at Club FF with special guests Monkeyz and Super Kidd.
You can buy their first EP at YesAsia

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Sourse: herald via nate, soundholic.co.kr

This summer I got a chance to buy their self-released demo and see them live. Highly recommend this guys.